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Dear Love Who Never Was:

I know. I should have written before. Forgive me. But I got the feeling that you believed I didn’t exist. But I did. And I wanted to let you know Continue reading Nevertheless…


Stations of Life

It is late in the night. Thoughts are ruminating. I am sitting at a station in the dark, and alone. Wondering and pondering,
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It hit hard. It hurts hard.

And, once again, from out of nowhere, it hit. It hit hard. It hurts hard. Continue reading It hit hard. It hurts hard.


A System in Crisis | Documentary

Mental Health Advocacy Network

Published on Apr 5, 2017

A spotlight on the mental health industry in North Dakota. Professionals and consumers share their stories about the programs available in their state.

In association with the Mental Health Advocacy Project

Produced by Quantum Productions | quantumprond.com
Directed by: Nolan Johnson
Cinematography by: Sam Sprynczynatyk & Nolan Johnson
Executive Producers: Carlotta McCleary, Denise Harvey, and Nolan Johnson
Written by: Nolan Johnson
Edited by: Nolan Johnson & Sam Sprynczynatyk



God, Church, and Gay Loneliness

God, Church, and Gay Loneliness
March 27, 2017 by David and Constantino Khalaf Continue reading God, Church, and Gay Loneliness