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Fourteen Years of Privilege

Friends, Greetings.

Just want to share with all y’all an anecdote about living gay in the red state of North Dakota, a right-to-work state with no LGBT workplace or housing protections. On September 22nd, my 14 year graphic design position with Continue reading Fourteen Years of Privilege


A System in Crisis | Documentary

Mental Health Advocacy Network

Published on Apr 5, 2017

A spotlight on the mental health industry in North Dakota. Professionals and consumers share their stories about the programs available in their state.

In association with the Mental Health Advocacy Project

Produced by Quantum Productions | quantumprond.com
Directed by: Nolan Johnson
Cinematography by: Sam Sprynczynatyk & Nolan Johnson
Executive Producers: Carlotta McCleary, Denise Harvey, and Nolan Johnson
Written by: Nolan Johnson
Edited by: Nolan Johnson & Sam Sprynczynatyk



Liberty includes respect for others

Is there a slow death of religious liberty?

In America, protected classes include race, color, national origin, choice of religion, disability, and familial status. What reason must ones chosen religion, which is a protected class, need additional Religious Freedom laws? Continue reading Liberty includes respect for others


Mutants on my sleeve #170303

So I just got home from the new Logan movie with a couple friends.  And my heart still hurts. These mutant movies always get to me. Continue reading Mutants on my sleeve #170303


HB1386 Sentiments

Thank you to each of the individuals and the many organizations that fought once again for continuing the battle for Continue reading HB1386 Sentiments