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Coming Home

On  Sunday morning of June 18, 2017, as part of Bismarck’s Dakota OutRight Capital PrideFest, we held an interfaith worship service in Seratoma Park. Numerous religious religious Continue reading Coming Home


Liberty includes respect for others

Is there a slow death of religious liberty?

In America, protected classes include race, color, national origin, choice of religion, disability, and familial status. What reason must ones chosen religion, which is a protected class, need additional Religious Freedom laws? Continue reading Liberty includes respect for others

Gay Christians, why are you Christian?

Over on reddit, a user posted this query:

“I’m a gay man, and part of the reason that I couldn’t stay a Christian was because of all of the contempt Christianity has for me and people like me. And the Bible is clear on being anti-gay. Why do you follow Christianity if it is against any loving relationship you may have, and if it tells you that you should be ashamed, not proud, of being who you are?”


The responses are very, very encouraging. So, I ask the same question to you, Continue reading Gay Christians, why are you Christian?