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Vroom, Vroom


So, I have been to three NASCAR races in my time. I haven’t attended any Continue reading Vroom, Vroom


What would drive them

Another celebrity has taken their life. Once again people are aghast. Yes, it is a tragedy. However, the public comments are what I notice.

I can’t ever imagine. Why would someone do that. Or, my favorite. “They should Continue reading What would drive them


Another Day in the Life

What is it like. Why do you just lie around. Quit being so lazy. Just get out there. How much longer are you going to be like this. Do you ever stop complaining. Is it really that bad.


No, I do not want to be like this. Yes, I want it to just quit. Yes, I just want to be heard. Even my silence. Even yet through it all, when no one else, I do know that Christ my savior is with me. But sometimes, I just want a human there, sitting in presence, doing nothing but being. One day. Why is that such a bad thing to long for. Why am I just told to get over it. On my own. Like I have always ever done.


Anniversary #170301

It was a year ago this past weekend that I had spent over 30 hours at St. Alexius Hospital after/through my breakdown. Continue reading Anniversary #170301


Full Moon. Friday the 13th.

Full Moon. Friday the 13th. Blue Monday. January Chill. Legislative Woes. Continue reading Full Moon. Friday the 13th.