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Five Days of Self Appreciation

Mary Mitchell tagged me in a reflective exercise “Three things I Like Continue reading Five Days of Self Appreciation


Status Update #110302

Before things get too carried away, let me publicly state that no matter how intriguing life is getting here what with the health muck, the house mess, life continues. The sun still rises and sets, the sky is still blue, and J.C. is still the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. I know who holds the future and I rest in His Grace and Mercy. But, I still appreciate any TLC some might have to spare. (-;

The Testimony — Feb 21, 1999

“Behold, my servant is dead. Arise and cross this river” (Joshua 1:2). This is a most difficult letter that must be written. I have put it off long enough and in direct opposition to God’s leading. I must cross this river. This letter is going to family members and to those who have known the past. The outcome from this letter, I hope, is that you will discover enough evidence to convict me of just being a believer in Christ, striving to be pleasing to God alone. Continue reading The Testimony — Feb 21, 1999