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Psychiatrist Visit #170307

So, yep, met with my psychiatrist this morning, for our three-month follow up. Last time I had met with her was just after the November Elections. Needless to say at that Continue reading Psychiatrist Visit #170307


Melancholy Quotes

I express my melancholy with typographic words from others.
#PTSD #EMDR #Recovery #EndStigma #WhatYouDontSee

Anniversary #170301

It was a year ago this past weekend that I had spent over 30 hours at St. Alexius Hospital after/through my breakdown. Continue reading Anniversary #170301


Full Moon. Friday the 13th.

Full Moon. Friday the 13th. Blue Monday. January Chill. Legislative Woes. Continue reading Full Moon. Friday the 13th.


update #161105

when your depression is weary, you get yourself out Continue reading update #161105