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War on Christmas? Sign This Minister Up.

If anything, I’d make the argument that the dominant face of Christianity, as it is seen on television and promoted through news programming, is itself far from what Christianity is supposed to be about. It is a sort-of white-washed, sanitized version of Christianity that every year presents an increasingly cleaned up version of the Christmas story to the viewing public.

via War on Christmas? Sign This Minister Up.

Sandlin, Mark. “War on Christmas? Sign This Minister Up.”
Rev. Mark Sandlin, 1 Dec. 2011,
Progressive perspectives on Christianity, Politics, and Entertainment

Partial Hospitalization – What?

Glad Christmas Tidings to you coming from the Tengesdal Home in Crestview Apartments. It is great to rejoice in the celebration of the birth of our Savior Jesus the Messiah.

The past couple weeks have been rather Continue reading Partial Hospitalization – What?