The Sting Will Depart

Rambling Journal Entry #171006: Only but two weeks later, and it yet remains a reality. The sting will depart. Yet always ever still wanting to find my reason in this world. Took a long drive on Sunday, did some river sitting, longing for the final end, I still got nothing. Prospects for work are present, yes. Overall at this age, I wish I could have been more steady, secure, stable. Silence, solitary, steadfastness do stay with me. I continue.


Prayers, please. I have been given my final paycheck at work, this morning. Lack of work, too many graphic designers, and I’m the only one w/out any one specific anchor client/project.

Gave me my final paycheck, vacation hours, and I’ll get a severance check. Fifteen years is over.

I’m over at Mike’s right now. I’m gone tomorrow out of town, and then back sometime on Sunday.

I’m still in a complete utter state of shock and/or grief. Blindsided, yep. I’ll be ok? I’m going offline for the day. See ya later sometime.

Between the Shadows

Hopeless Romantic Cacophony #170919 —

First things first: There is NOTHING wrong with being single, even in this heteronormative, coupling-minded society. Even so, here are some two dozen personally experienced truths regarding the hope for romance Continue reading “Between the Shadows”