Carrie Fisher and the Dark Side of Mental Illness — john pavlovitz

Carrie Fisher’s autopsy reports were released this week, revealing that at the time of her death she had a cocktail of numerous illicit and prescription drugs in her system. The news, as it always does with public figures, prompted a new wave of grief, and a fresh round of moralizing on the wastefulness of addiction……

via Carrie Fisher and the Dark Side of Mental Illness — john pavlovitz

From the article: ” … She never shied away from letting us see her scars, even if they made us wince, even if we’d have preferred they’d stayed hidden. Mental illness is still the only kind of sickness we make people feel guilty for being afflicted with, and she was not going to apologize. … “

The Simplest

Even as an adult in his second fifty years of childhood, I am still quite very able to procrastinate and hem and haw and dawdle the time away when a simple event that should be thrilling and exciting creates waves of overwhelming anxiety deep in the hollows of my being. Hence, I take a day off work, just to be readied to make the journey later in the afternoon. And, I know full well, nine chances out of ten, when all is said and done and over, it never really was all that terrifying.
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