Wandering with Shadows

  • living this drifter Jul 21, 2017 - drifter i may be seeking connect to belong with purpose of life
  • Carrie Fisher and the Dark Side of Mental Illness — john pavlovitz Jun 22, 2017 - Carrie Fisher’s autopsy reports were released this week, revealing that at the time of her death she had a cocktail of numerous illicit and prescription drugs in her system. The news, as it always does with public figures, prompted a new wave of grief, and a fresh round of moralizing on the wastefulness of addiction…… via … Continue reading Carrie Fisher and the Dark Side of Mental Illness — john pavlovitz
  • Vroom, Vroom Jun 08, 2017 - I did watch a pig race at the State Fair once.
  • The Simplest May 26, 2017 - Even as an adult in his second fifty years of childhood, I am still quite very able to procrastinate and hem and haw and dawdle the time away when a simple event that should be thrilling and exciting creates waves of overwhelming anxiety deep in the hollows of my being. Hence, I take a day … Continue reading The Simplest
  • What would drive them May 20, 2017 - Another celebrity has taken their life. Once again people are aghast. Yes, it is a tragedy. However, the public comments are what I notice. I can’t ever imagine. Why would someone do that. Or, my favorite. “They should

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Prairie Rainbow:

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Letters to the Editor:

  • Where has the solid witness of Christ gone? Jul 27, 2017 - Where is the voice of ethical and moral reasoning standing a witness against manifestations of anger and fear?
  • Liberty includes respect for others Mar 17, 2017 - Is there a slow death of religious liberty? In America, protected classes include race, color, national origin, choice of religion, disability, and familial status. What reason must ones chosen religion, which is a protected class, need additional Religious Freedom laws?
  • Do what is right to clean up our state Oct 16, 2016 - Do what is right to clean up our state Kevin Tengesdal, Bismarck Oct 25, 2016 Dear Christians here in North Dakota, greetings. You have been invited to spend a time at your friend’s home as a house-sitter. From the time you arrive to the time you depart, how do you treat their home? Do you … Continue reading Do what is right to clean up our state
  • Negatives in trading deal Dec 19, 2015 - Negatives in trading deal KEVIN TENGESDAL Bismarck Dec 19, 2015 The Obama administration wants to fast-track the largest free trade agreement in history, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, covering more than 40 percent of world GDP and about a third of world trade. This would establish trade relations with countries where workers face systemic abuse with either … Continue reading Negatives in trading deal
  • Acts don’t fit religion Aug 15, 2015 - Acts don’t fit religion KEVIN TENGESDAL Bismarck Aug 15, 2015 Recently, religious institutions appear to be heralding a separation from all things they deem offensively gay — marriage equality, Boy Scouts, anti-discrimination, lifestyles, etc.

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