Get Over It…

Get over it. That’s what I say to myself pretty much all the time. What now?

The sexual assault from back in ’88. Today, I met with my Veteran Services Officer, regarding potential available PTSD benefits/disability. Crimony. As part of the entire process, I had to recount the details for him to type into my records for the benefits request. It seems like I might be efficiently qualified to receive potential benefits. It is a process.

However, it is simple enough to state that I was sexually assaulted, but having to go into the details again, I am completely emotionally destroyed for the day. I just wish I could get over it, and it would go away. Instead, it still yet controls my emotions, almost yet thirty years later. Compound it with this job searching, running out of finances, yeah, I am stumbling. Uff da.

Hold me Jesus, I am shaking like a leaf.

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