Fourteen Years of Privilege

Friends, Greetings.

Just want to share with all y’all an anecdote about living gay in the red state of North Dakota, a right-to-work state with no LGBT workplace or housing protections. On September 22nd, my 14 year graphic design position with Continue reading Fourteen Years of Privilege


The Sting Will Depart

Rambling Journal Entry #171006: Only but two weeks later, and it yet remains a reality. The sting will depart. Yet always ever still wanting to find my reason in this world. Took a long drive on Sunday, did some river sitting, longing for the final end, I still got nothing. Prospects for work are present, yes. Overall at this age, I wish I could have been more steady, secure, stable. Silence, solitary, steadfastness do stay with me. I continue.