It went down

Rambling Journal Entry #170927:
So, it went down like this.
When Larry, the owner of the shop, interviewed me back in 2003, he was planning to retire that year. Ever since, he has tried to sell the shop, but any prospective buyer who looked interested, said there were too many employees. Larry refused, stating that he would be selling the business, the shop, and the employees, with a guarantee none would be laid off.
Fast forward to Summer of ’17. Secretly behind closed doors after 5:00, once-a-week, something something was going on, and speculations brewed. Turns out five employees were working a deal to buy the business from Larry. John, the overall shop supervisor, one from the Bindery, one from the Pressroom, one from Sales, and one from the Art Department. Two are in their 40s, and two are in their 30s.
We officially found all this out the middle of September. Larry made an announcement to the staff, effective September 1, he was no longer the owner, and said that five employees made an arrangement, and nothing would change. No fanfare or best wishes or words from the new owners.
A week and a half later, last Friday, John and the Graphic Designer/Owner let me know that my position was terminated.
Like I said, I was told that I did not have one anchor client/project, and there was not enough work to justify four graphic designers. The Bismarck-Mandan Homebuilders Association had pulled the Parade of Homes Guide from us this year, which cost the shop $70k. As many of you know, that magazine was my baby for almost twelve years.
So, fourteen years and three months of being my creative haven, I am now again wandering and wondering.
This week I have been polishing up my LinkedIn profile, and creating my design portfolio site, which is much much different than the old days of pasting samples on black artboard and inserting in sleeves into a binder. I have a few leads, I have concerned friends, I just don’t have finances after the two-week severance check. BTW, did you know a common severance package for non-union employees is two-weeks pay for each year?
Who knows. It is what it is. I am yet still in that overwhelmed state of shock and grief, I guess. Suicidal ideas are not as strong as they were over the weekend, that’s improvement.
So, just wanted to touch base and keep those of you concerned posted and updated. Thanks.