It went down

Rambling Journal Entry #170927:
So, it went down like this.
When Larry, the owner of the shop, interviewed me back in 2003, he was Continue reading It went down



Prayers, please. I have been given my final paycheck at work, this morning. Lack of work, too many graphic designers, and I’m the only one w/out any one specific anchor client/project.

Gave me my final paycheck, vacation hours, and I’ll get a severance check. Fifteen years is over.

I’m over at Mike’s right now. I’m gone tomorrow out of town, and then back sometime on Sunday.

I’m still in a complete utter state of shock and/or grief. Blindsided, yep. I’ll be ok? I’m going offline for the day. See ya later sometime.

What would Jesus say?

During the last week of August 2017, the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood released The Nashville Statement, a Christian doctrinal missive on modern sexuality. Since its release, there has been much discussion on the subject. In response there have been several documents written in response of stronger LGBT inclusion. A group of young, progressive Christian leaders wrote their response in the form of Christians United Statement on LGBT inclusion. Continue reading What would Jesus say?