living this drifter

drifter oh drifter
untethered and free i was
nature around me

wandering drifter
lost in time and connection
soul renewed refreshed


reality called
returns anticipating
welcome refreshing

again silent sounds
never gone a drifter hopes
silence is broken

living this drifter
witnesses a connect there
knowing never owned

drifter reaching out
wanting a trustful mooring
with another human

ever to belong
not knowing drifter needed
wanted or valid

contemplates drifter
a part of many but of none
is it them or me

drifter i may be
seeking connect to belong
with purpose of life

life of this drifter
good captivating and true
with someone to share

a drifter offers
welcome hospitality
rarely not entered

an invite to join
a quality time drifter
invite again not

journey down the road
no destination drifter
riders never there

all the commotion
within drifter hides the dark
Lord above knowing

a touch a sharing
without starvation resides
a drifter withers

to learn and remain
contented and securely
safe drifter should be

knowing connection
its presence ever will evade
until gone drifter

— krtengesdal 2017