Vroom, Vroom


So, I have been to three NASCAR races in my time. I haven’t attended any other type of race, I don’t recall. Well, I did watch a pig race at the State Fair once.

But anyway, when I was at the NASCAR race, and watching the NASCAR races on the television, I never once ever did see the Pit Crew, or Owner of the driver in the lead, or any of the broadcasting channels, or NASCAR officials within the final ten laps tell all the other drivers to just quit, to give up, time to leave the race, and let the lead driver finish the race uncontested.

I have never ever seen any of the drivers in the final ten laps to just simply up and quit the race on their own volition. None of the drivers in the top ten, not even any of the drivers that are a few laps behind. Never.

There are many times where a car is wrecked so badly that the driver has no choice whatsoever to quit. Sometimes the cars are salvageable, and driveable, and the driver returns to the race. There have even been times where a driver a few cars back passes the lead driver just before the final turn in the final lap, and takes the checkered.