What would drive them

Another celebrity has taken their life. Once again people are aghast. Yes, it is a tragedy. However, the public comments are what I notice.

I can’t ever imagine. Why would someone do that. Or, my favorite. “They should have reached out. So sad, such a permanent solution to a temporary problem.”

For the sake of anecdotal exposure, here, but not limited to, are a few reasons and quiet whispers that have stampeded through my mind when I have sought suicide.

  • It’s the point of death is greater than living.
  • It is the point of knowing life is not worth continuing.
  • It is the point of accepting the time to end the pain.
  • It is the point of seeing all else had not worked.
  • It is the point of crossing from loneliness to anything better.
    It is the point where shame is unbeatable.
  • It is the point where death is the only worth you have left.
  • It is the crossing point from complete rejection.
  • It is the point where you want to leave and be with Jesus, a/o your deceased loved ones.

No. It is not a comprehensive list. Those are just a few that I tremendously remember. If memory serves me correctly. This is my authentic life.