Sometimes Steps



Laundry. It is one of those things that people love. People loathe. People ignore. Since my elbow shattering back in ’13, my OCD habits for laundry fell to the wayside. Bad. Instead of folding and putting away immediately, they just got piled on the unused chair in the living room, overflowing to the floor, organized in correct piles.

When clutter accumulates, stress accumulates, and depression takes a firm hold. The spectacular snowball effect. So, for nigh well over three years, laundry has been an overbearing source of depression that I have allowed to control me.

For the most part, most every weekend, when it is opportune to accomplish at least a portion of this task, I prefer slumber and napping and Netflix. At the encouragement of my psych therapy team, I began a small step this week. They advised me that instead of giving myself over to napping, accomplish just one small task or two.

This weekend was a good step. Yesterday, I got all the laundry (except towels and linens) folded properly. ALL of it. That was enough for one day. Today, I got the gathered clothing donations bagged and out of the closet. Next up was putting clothes away, and arranging/organizing a portion of my closet that pretty well satisfies my OCD tendencies.

All in all, it is good. Just to get the linens folded away. After that, get all the winter sweaters washed, and organized away. Just a chunk of depression-control that has dissipated for now.

Sometimes, steps.