The Simplest

Even as an adult in his second fifty years of childhood, I am still quite very able to procrastinate and hem and haw and dawdle the time away when a simple event that should be thrilling and exciting creates waves of overwhelming anxiety deep in the hollows of my being. Hence, I take a day off work, just to be readied to make the journey later in the afternoon. And, I know full well, nine chances out of ten, when all is said and done and over, it never really was all that terrifying.
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What would drive them

Another celebrity has taken their life. Once again people are aghast. Yes, it is a tragedy. However, the public comments are what I notice.

I can’t ever imagine. Why would someone do that. Or, my favorite. “They should Continue reading What would drive them


FWD: An Open Letter to Rev. Franklin Graham from a “Small Church” Pastor


Dear Frank Can I call you Frank? This is just pastor to pastor. Feel free to call me Peter. Anyway, I have to say I was flattered when I learned that your Decision America Tour took a detour off the…

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Sometimes Steps



Laundry. It is one of those things that people love. People loathe. People ignore. Since my elbow shattering back in ’13, my OCD habits for laundry Continue reading Sometimes Steps


Another Day in the Life

What is it like. Why do you just lie around. Quit being so lazy. Just get out there. How much longer are you going to be like this. Do you ever stop complaining. Is it really that bad.


No, I do not want to be like this. Yes, I want it to just quit. Yes, I just want to be heard. Even my silence. Even yet through it all, when no one else, I do know that Christ my savior is with me. But sometimes, I just want a human there, sitting in presence, doing nothing but being. One day. Why is that such a bad thing to long for. Why am I just told to get over it. On my own. Like I have always ever done.