Mental Gymnastics & Conversations

Below are several samples of conversations that some introverts living with enhanced social anxiety (ISA) completely dread:

Friend: Say, do you want to join us for a movie?
ISA: Sure, when?
Friend: We’re at the theater right now.
ISA: . . . .

Friend: text message bing
ISA: ignores
Friend: text message bing
ISA: ignores
Friend: text message bing
ISA: fine, let’s see what’s up
Friend: Msg 01 – What’s up? Msg 02 – Are you there? Msg 03 – Did I do something wrong?
ISA: why did I even open the text message…

Friend: How was your weekend?
ISA: It was fine.
Friend: Did you do anything fun?
ISA: I finally was able to catch up on a series on Netflix.
Friend: You should get out more, don’t spend so much time alone!

Friend: Chats about the weather.
ISA: . . .
Friend: Gossips about friend.
ISA: . . .
Friend: More small talk.
ISA: . . .
Friend: You’re not saying much, are you sure you’re ok?
ISA: Really?

Friend: Just go to the social gathering, what’s the big deal?
ISA: I don’t know anyone there.
Friend: You need to be more outgoing!
ISA: I just enjoy people I know, in small doses.
Friend: You’re no fun.

Friend: You’re here on your own?
ISA: Surprisingly.
Friend: Why don’t you come up and sit with us!
ISA: Yeah, like I really enjoy being a third-wheel after-thought. Thanks, but no thanks.
ISA: Thanks, but I’m ok here.
Friend: Whatever you want. Enjoy the show!

Server: Just you all by yourself tonight?
ISA: . . .