Social Gadfly Rant Ponder

Let’s make it better NOW. One’s sexuality is simply a fact of their identity, just as is their ethnicity. Why hide being homosexual, how many hide themselves for being heterosexual? Let each and every one celebrate their life with respect and dignity.

I own my Norwegian ethnicity without shame here in America, so too I can own my gay identity without shame. Humans must stop this nonsense about shunning people with a different sexuality.

That’s the challenge, to help heterosexuals to discover that we are just as normal and as human as they are.

Our youth want to go to prom with their same-sex partner, just as much as the quarterback wants to take the homecoming queen to the prom. We look forward to celebrating our wedding day as do the straight couples. We relish the opportunity to place on our desk at work a pic of our significant. We want to see our life on the big-screen, welcomed and not boycotted.

We want to celebrate life as much, as fairly, as equally as do straight folk. To help straight friends to help their straight friends to realize that we are normal and not a threat, and just want to celebrate life too.

It must start with you, me, us, today.