God, Church, and Gay Loneliness

God, Church, and Gay Loneliness
March 27, 2017 by David and Constantino Khalaf Continue reading God, Church, and Gay Loneliness


From: A Broken Heart To: A Broken Church

A wonderful insight of Queer Faith in the Heteronormative Church.

f is for friend

It was Sunday. I could smell the spam and eggs in the kitchen, my mom and dad were laughing over a cup of coffee, and I could hear Nicole C. Mullen’s “You’re the music of my heart” on repeat in the living room. I woke up with a huge smile on my face, it was Sunday! Sunday was my favorite day of the week. After a morning of breakfast and getting ready off we went, one big happy family ready for a day of church. Church is an all day event when you’re the child of a children’s pastor; an event that I loved. I loved the church. Loved.

Unfortunately saying the words “I love the church” isn’t an easy thing for me to do now days. Just the other day a friend asked me, “Jordon, how are things going with the church?”. I paused. I mean, I get…

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