HB1386 Sentiments

Thank you to each of the individuals and the many organizations that fought once again for continuing the battle for prohibition of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, here in North Dakota.

22-69, the final vote against prohibition of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. It was expected. Only one spoke against the bill, Rep. Weisz, the bill carrier. Representatives Beadle, Hanson, and Boschee spoke in support. Almost a majority of Rep. Weisz’s remarks can easily be contradicted by factual data and testimony.

Fret not. North Dakota citizens in a majority stand with this prohibition of discrimination. North Dakota citizens have been watching the fear and scorn that has been emanated by current Republican lawmakers. They are legislating out of their own bias against any that does not fit within their preconceived definition of the norm. These lawmakers are not listening to their constituents, not listening to compassion, not listening to common sense.

Yes, it is disappointing. Yes, it does not seem to be getting better. But, we can be better. We get better. How? We take this opportunity to take their sullying of “North Dakota Nice” and transform it into “North Dakota Kind”.

The current Republican lawmakers, and organizations who support them, want to tell us who to despise. Look no further than their work in this current Legislative Assembly. The bills taken up against Native Americans and those who stand with them. Taxes imposed against the elderly to compensate for the state’s budget issues. They wanted to turn information services into taxable pornography machines. Standing against Federal Marriage Equality. They believe people are able to live on the bare minimum wage.

Enough is enough. We will not step in line with their scorn and resentment. We will take a stand for North Dakota Kindness in honoring our neighbor with human respect and dignity.

To the younger generation who is greatly hurting from all this, do know that you have many who are standing WITH you. Maybe at your side, but even many more behind the scenes. Many who are equally disappointed. Many who are saying enough is enough.

Those are just a few of my thoughts.

YOUR G’Uncle,
YOUR Rainbow Thug,
YOUR Friend


Bismarck Tribune articles reporting on House Bill 1386: