Rambling Journal Entry #161220

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. Just relax. It’s not going to be bad. If the Right Wing survived Obama, you too can survive Trump. They were equally upset in 2008, but they survived.

Yes? Oh. Oh? Really? It is the same, eh?

Tell me then in 2008, what human rights did the Tea Party anticipate being yanked away?
In 2008, what derogatory and damning names were they called?
In 2008, which laws did they anticipate being repealed back to a status of anti- who they are?
In 2008, what work had they achieved, only to anticipate it being stripped away?

YES, I know. I believe. I live. The truth is that the God of Abraham, for me, is in control. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I know this. I also know that it sucks to have people whose lived reality is not being challenged to tell me to Hakuna Matata my concerns away.

I can survive. I will survive. I have survived. But, the next generation, these eight years have been their current. I do not want for them especially to have to live a life without the advances we have achieved for their basic rights. Please. Let us not go backwards. Please, for their sake.