My Life is an Open Book Ramble #161108

My Life is an Open Book Ramble #161108: You know when your parents advise you to not discuss Religion, Politics, Money, Health?

Whuhl, since I have violated three of those, I am going to violate the other. Money. I am 50 years old. I trend to purpose my derndest to be rather frugal in spending on my own self. I get the bills paid, the rent paid, the required food stuffs, the student loans paid, etc. So anyways, no worries there.

At the beginning of this year, through no fault of any, other than the economy at that time in history, there was a reduction in hours for a three-month period. It strongly pained the shop owner to have to do that, truly. Being a single-income household, I am still yet in recovery with that.

Then, I go and get myself into psych help, which has been necessary, and yet another glorious financial task, of which the new CHI Health System is not as lenient as was the previous St. Alexius financial systems.

I am prone to respond to the needs of other, and not my own, and with an exciting political season, I just could not give what I wanted. Then, I go and depend upon friends to GoFundMe for a political trip to Philly, of which I am deeply moved and grateful.

So, yeah, it has become routine to receive overdraft notices almost every paycheck, to where now my funds are mostly depleted, and I am once again breathing paycheck to paycheck.

This is NOT a whoa-is-me, or any plea for whatever. This is just a simple fact, as simple as the sun rises and sets each day. Just the facts, spoken of frustration, and of knowledge that this too shall pass.

And, also, so this means I can’t be your Sugar Daddy, not yet anyways.