Team One2One "Out of the Darkness" Bismarck/Mandan Walk #160829

Team One2One “Out of the Darkness” Bismarck/Mandan Walk

I have lived with depression and suicidal ideologies for almost 30 years. My journey through the shadows began back in 1988 when I was sexually assaulted and ultimately discharged from the US Navy. Two significant traumas that I as a good and stubborn man, conveniently and purposefully tried to keep the details tucked away in the dark recesses of my mind.

After a breakdown in February of this year, I began honest treatment for depression, and forgotten traumas. I am ready to share my story, in hopes of helping other men be open with their mental health troubles. On September 16th, I will be walking in Bismarck with friends to promote mental health awareness. We want to support American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s mission to save lives and bring hope to those affected by depression and suicide. Help my team of supporters and me reach our fundraising goal!

You can support Team One2One at [] as we walk to fight suicide, end the silence of men & depression, and to bring awareness in the 2016 Bismarck/Mandan Out of the Darkness Walk. You are welcome to either make a donation to one of our team members, or you are welcome to join our team of walkers!