Rambling Journal Entry #160825

Rambling Journal Entry #160825:

Up to this point, I have been relatively quiet since the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. What I experienced there, and what I have experienced since being home has really challenged me, delivering hurt. Overall, the convention itself really was a great experience, honestly. Ask me.

However, there was a lot of psychological and emotional abuse experienced. So without a doubt, PTSD is the result. Since coming home, I have also experienced my own ongoing mental health concerns, and also experiencing the health concerns of two others, one very close. Needless to say, my mind has been quite preoccupied. It hurts. These are my thoughts.

Growing up gay in the ’70s and ’80s in rural North Dakota, and being the younger brother with five older sisters was one thing. Those pale in comparison, to the bullying for serving as a delegate for Bernie Sanders at DNC, and the days since. It hurts, especially from those I have known for many years.

My “Therefore,” at this current moment yet remains rather blank, as I continue to process forward. One must learn to forgive, when apologies are not voiced, when lines are drawn in the sand, when backs are turned. Through the hurt, I must learn and grow, realizing some friendships are altered, and some are gone, and some are strengthened.

For now, I remain Kevin R. Tengesdal.

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