I don’t know

I don’t know. I have never been clinically diagnosed or stuff. I do know a few things though. I wrestle with depressingly dark thoughts. I long to not live. I suffocate with loneliness.

I enjoy the most simple things. Being creative is bliss for me. My faith in Christ will not ever be shaken by either those who tell me God hates me for being gay, or by those who tell me God is a fairy tale.

And through it all, i cherish those genuine people who have chosen to be a part of this journey. To those few who are with me at a needed moment, i am most very grateful. To those who connect with me not from me asking, thank you.

Each of all of you are good, and do not ever believe someone telling you any different. Let us let life continue to romance us, and enjoy the dance.

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends.