Yeah, it is visiting again.

So, thoughts have been ruminating. I enjoy life on my own. I had a blast on the road trip on my own. I have gone on vacations on my own. I have gone to BSC CETI classes on my own. I go to church on my own and sit alone. I have and do enjoy life on my own — I have close to fifty years of history to prove it. But, yet I get mostly ignored when I ask for people to join with me on a fun event or such. What is wrong with desiring for some companion in life to howdy me up with a “Hey Kevin, we’re heading to the river, come and join with us” or a “Kevin, let’s spend the afternoon together doing nothing”? Why is it always expected for me to do the initiating, or inviting myself over, and never receiving a two-way reciprocation in return? Or is that selfish to think that friendships are supposed to be more than only one side doing the vast majority of inviting themselves into events together? Not receiving unexpected return invites, what is that supposed to do with one’s sense of self? If people want to hang out, why is it always along the lines of “We should get together soon” without the fortitude to just outright say, “Lunch, tomorrow at noon”? If life wants to continue label me has unhappy because I long for people to want join in on my fun life, then I guess I am unhappy. And I know that I am not.