Tedious Ramble of Selfishness #150616

Tedious Ramble of Selfishness #150616:

Living Single and Untethered in a Relationship-Minded Society.

I have been single for over 25 of my post-18 years. I am used to it, and I am tired of it. I have no problems being untethered, but I have grievances with being lonely.

Vacations alone have been full of freedom and greatly adventurous, yet I long for someone to swoop me up and head off on an adventure together.

It is wonderful to be creative in the kitchen, but it would be wonderful to cook for and with someone.

At the end of the day, it is bliss to plop on the couch and stretch out the tuckeredness, and even better would be to just cuddle with someone in an understanding hug, or even a holding hand.

Sunday worship is most nourishing for my soul, it would be even more nourishing to share a faith journey with a companion.

Random hook-ups have sometimes somewhat fulfilled a quick need, but the longing hope is for that committed togetherness enjoyed.

Pursuing advocacy and compassion for the marginalized is a great passion of mine, it would be severely encouraging to have another along the road.

Give me time with theatre, auditions and performances, but give me a companion waiting at home to share out the excitement, and to understand when coupled/married thespians complain about their housework never getting done.

Oftentimes, there is a great need for speed on the open highway or a leisurely amble along backroads, and even greater is a want for that certain someone to be there on the ride.

Many a battle with illness has been fought alone and won, yet wouldn’t it be comforting to have someone there checking in.

Nevertheless, my heart continues to beat with romance. One day, I will finally achieve that point of being content of living single in the relationship-minded world? To those who have achieved such the state of contentment, congratulations. And to those who understand, thank you for your patience with my oft repeated lament.