Rambling Journal Entry #150220

Rambling Journal Entry #150220:

So, here I am at the end of my 49th trip around the sun. This last year was a blast. I have had so many good years and just as many awful years, it is good to celebrate it all.

My 48th year through 2014 saw many firsts: Amtrak sleeper car; trip to Florida; holding a gator; airboat ride; Gulf of Mexico; beard competitions; KVLY tower; kilts, three new tatts and pierces in the past year.

Through the year I have been able to discover new relationships with people of so many variegated backgrounds that make the tapestry of life so beautiful. It was my first year alcohol free and finding out how intimidating social life can be unnumbed and raw. After too long roaming in and out and generally avoiding, I discovered a new and safe worship community. The gay agenda continues rather well, especially when finding more and more straight allies who are not terrified of us. Of course, many acting opportunities kept life entertained as well.

There are several friends who have been you know, and you know who you are, and my gratitude is huge and great. But to each of all y’all, thank you.

Now let’s get this 50th journey around the sun started, and come 2016 I hope to toss some sort of 50th Birthday thing for y’all. HUGS!