We’re neighbors, not new people

We’re neighbors, not new people

By KEVIN TENGESDAL Bismarck Aug 31, 2014

In a Gallup article titled “North Dakota: Legendary among states,” in discussing if our state is a “Good place for gay or lesbian people,” Gov. Jack Dalrymple suggests, “There’s a tendency for people not being immediately comfortable with new people until they have had a chance to meet them and evaluate them. We’re evolving every year and becoming more accustomed to different people and lifestyles.” Continue reading We’re neighbors, not new people


humbled and tumbled

hidden and timid
taunted and haunted

hidden amid the mess
timid to express

hidden in the nooks
timid of the looks
hidden under a mask
timid of the task
hidden from the crowd
timid to whisper aloud

hidden out of the light
timid of this blight

hidden behind the aware
timid to listen of care
hidden within solitude
timid with the internal feud
hidden during connect
timid to savor respect

hidden inside a straight face
timid to feel an embrace

hidden near the deep
timid of the upkeep
humbled and tumbled
timid and hidden