Rambling Rant Entry 131102

Disclaimer. This rant is not directed to those few for whom I know for a fact are the good exception. This is for the other 99% of society. This post will ramble and have absolutely no rhyme or reason. Yes, I will be cynical and harsh, but these are my thoughts churning. Delete me if you shall.

Suicide, death, and moving away. People fall all over themselves in displays of how much they themselves are destroyed because someone they claim to have cared for have killed themselves, have died, or have moved away. So, how many of these people were actively involved in the persons life in the first place?

I read countless posts on Facebook about individuals who want to go someplace, do something. Friends who have countless friends, and yet this individual gets no responses. I read of countless individuals who miss their friends back home, and yet how many of those dear friends back home who deeply care and miss their friend actually make a trek to go visit? I read of bulwark members of a family asking for assistance with some project, and the request goes unanswered. I know of sizable families whose numbers keep growing and even though they are in the same locale, can go weeks without seeing each other.

There are a thousand and one reasons for a person to kill themselves, and yet it seems to boil down to one — they wanted connection. It is the common human experience, as common as the sun rises and sets. Yet, humans in life are a mere drop in the bucket.

People talk and talk and talk about wanting to have a connection with a group. A person common to that group will organize a gathering, and where are all the people who posit themselves as wanting this gathering? Persons give and give of themselves.

What happens to a plant that is never watered? Does it keep on continuing to share its beautiful blooms? Do you ever use your vehicle without ever refueling it or changing its oil or such proper and common maintenance? Why then do we think we can do this with our friends, drain them dry of any use? How often do we purpose to refuel our friends?

Society is becoming more and more and more closed off to intimate human connection. We have the cyberspace to keep connected and keep us away from personal meet-space. I read an advertorial in a local magazine of a homebuilder. Their selling point for their duplexes and twin-homes? “We have designed these homes so you can go weeks without ever hearing or seeing your neighbors.” In a freaking twin-home where the neighbor is in the same building.

Do not dare to think this about me. Do not dare direct this back at me. My life is what it is, and it is good. I have my own fingers pointing back at me. No. Direct it at you.

Get involved with people. If you are going to rally around a person in a crisis, but are not involved with them in the mundane trivial aspects of life, how much better are you for having put on a grand show of your presence? We are all so very busy, we don’t even have time for ourselves. Yeah, so what? Is your laundry more important than the person who posts on Facebook that they want to get together with someone to go watch a movie? Really? Sheesh.

Are there any answers? Probably not? Not until we actually get outside of ourselves and humanly interact with another? Do I ever really practice what I rant on about, no? I too fail. Life is the great mystery.