Rambling Journal Entry 130304

So, there I was at lunch today minding my own business, was reading a book Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays-vs.-Christians Debate, and this quote from Roger Ebert was in the chapter and clobbered me:
“What do lonely people desire? Companionship. Love. Recognition. Entertainment. Camaraderie. Distraction. Encouragement. Change. Feedback. Someone once said the fundamental reason we get married is because have a universal human need for a witness. All of these are possibilities. But what all lonely people share is a desire not to be — or at least not to feel — alone. “


The author of the book Justin Lee continues with, “After all, seeing that Adam was alone, God did not simply say, “I am sufficient for you”; nor did God expect Adam to meet those needs with a friend.”

A witness to our journey, that truly would be good. But what is the answer for you or I. What is our journey supposed to be. Some have the gift of celibacy and singleness. Some of us know it as a burden, others find it as their blessing. A communal question in search of an answer.

Uff da.