Passive Agressive, Forever Lonely, Selfish Rambling Rant:

I’ve traveled this sod 45 years. I have seen tons of “best-friends” movies.
Having been the initiator/instigator for most of these, here are some things that I am missing in my life, and have hopes of receiving from at least one true and close friend before my ashes are scattered.
1] Human touch from a friend for no reason (back scratch, neck rub, holding hands, hugs, etc.);
2] Perpetual times of a friend just dropping by to say “Hi”, and not minding a messy apartment;
3] Random road-trips to no where with no destination in mind, just for the sake of being with a friend;
4] Time together just doing absolutely nothing but being together;
5] Random spontaneity of anything: movies, concerts, worship, theatre, etc.