Rambling Rant #120207

Yet, Another Rambling Rant: I mean
really. We have so much to offer, so much to love. And when people don’t want to receive what we give, when people don’t want to love us for what we have to share, it is then that it is extremely difficult to love our self.


Passive Agressive, Forever Lonely, Selfish Rambling Rant:

I’ve traveled this sod 45 years. I have seen tons of “best-friends” movies.
Having been the initiator/instigator for most of these, here are some things that I am missing in my life, and have hopes of receiving from at least one true and close friend before my ashes are scattered.
1] Human touch from a friend for no reason (back scratch, neck rub, holding hands, hugs, etc.);
2] Perpetual times of a friend just dropping by to say “Hi”, and not minding a messy apartment;
3] Random road-trips to no where with no destination in mind, just for the sake of being with a friend;
4] Time together just doing absolutely nothing but being together;
5] Random spontaneity of anything: movies, concerts, worship, theatre, etc.