The Entire Story — A Bio

After returning from Jerusalem in the summer of 1996, Kevin attended Wycliffe’s Quest program as part of their process for application. After three weeks of studies, applications, and interviews in the awe-inspiring San Bernardino forests in southern California, his application was terminated.

Down but not defeated, Kevin finished his final year at CBC, graduating in May of 1997 with a Bachelor of Arts, a pile of intense education, a deeper faith in God, a ton of great memories, and an unknown career path ahead. While home in North Dakota during a month of re-evaluation, he accepted an offer from his Uncle Pete to live with him and Melba in Tacoma.

He held a few temporary jobs before being offered a position at a print shop in Puyallup, a new start towards a career in Kevin’s intuitive passions — graphics and computers. He became involved with University Place Presbyterian Church, as well as with a Greek Orthodox congregation. Besides being doted on by Pete and Melba, he enjoyed many weekend trips to his cousin’s Trish and Dave Siburg in Poulsbo, and many road trips through the mountains, to the ocean, to Seattle, or to Canada. A college classmate, Mark Merry, had interned at a Presbyterian Church in Seattle at this time as well. Kevin just felt a strong closeness to his Creator amidst the majestic, towering forests.

He traveled home by train (his favorite mode of mass transportation) to North Dakota the fall of 1997 for his Aunt Ginny’s funeral, in November when his Dad had suffered a major heart attack, and again in October of 1998 for his Dad’s 85th birthday party. At that time, it dawned on him that he had been away for twelve years. It was time to return. Kevin interviewed for a couple jobs in Minot before returning to Washington State.

He wasn’t there long before the Minot Daily News phoned him with a job offer. Ever the nomad, Kevin packed up his belongings and returned home. He was given a newly created position in computer pagination. He lived on his parent’s farmstead and commuted to Minot, trying to have as much time with his parents as possible. Kevin is truly grateful for that last year he had with his Dad.

After a year with the Minot Daily, a new advertising agency was looking for a person to develop their graphic design department. Kevin fit that bill. He accepted their offer and worked there for four years. Now living in Minot, he became very active with the Mouse River Players (Minot’s oldest community theatre program) as an actor (Gandalf in “The Hobbit,” Mr. Rogers in “And Then There Were None,” Charlie in “On Golden Pond,” and Mr. Kraler in “The Diary of Anne Frank”) and as a board member.