The Entire Story — A Bio

The year 1988 was tumultuous to say the least for Kevin. He was given an honorable discharge from the Navy because of their policies regarding homosexuality. With this discharge, he was basically now left on his own as a civilian to discover what to do with his life in light of the grounds of the discharge.

Back in North Dakota again looking for work, he spent some time with his cousin Steven traveling through the Midwest states to California and back on his semi-trailer route. He also spent some time in Minnesota with his sister Connie and her family while he interviewed with Marvin Windows. He finally ended up in a job at a warehouse in Minot.

Life at this time was a challenge for Kevin and through counseling with a pastor from the Minot Evangelical Free Church, he recognized his need for God’s free grace and he submitted his life to Christ. Kevin asked God to help him understand His plan for his life, and by faith, Kevin is still on that quest.

In September, he moved to Maryland to start an Inventory Controller position with a furniture company that he had discovered through North Dakota Job Service. Kevin found a network of Christian believers at First Baptist Church (FBC) Savage. He soon joined with Mid-Atlantic Coca-Cola Financial Services in Columbia. He lived for a bit with his cousins Myrna and Dave Staton in Glen Burnie. (Thanks Myrna for teaching me how to make potet klubb!) During his free time, he enjoyed trips throughout the region with friends or family — to the Atlantic coast, the rolling mountains, countless historic sites, and various theme parks.

He was active with FBC-Savage in several Bible study groups and outreach programs. In the summer of 1992, Kevin began his pursuit of how he could be a part of the Great Commission. He left his job with Coca-Cola and began seeking a Bible-based college to study mission skills.

But first, he enjoyed a two-week vacation to Norway, which turned into a three-week visit. He stayed with his cousins Perry and Wenche Tengesdal on their historic Tengesdal farm between Egersund and Bjerkreim. Kevin met many relatives and saw lots of historic sites in southwestern Norway. He also met with a Baptist missionary in Stavanger to learn more about how he and his wife were called to missions. He documented his adventures in a booklet entitled “Wandering Through Norway.”